Talking about the passing of my mother is not something that I just talk about all the time.  It’s a very sensitive topic. It’s a conversation that I have had internally with myself,  with my mom and god and very few people. Life and death happens to everyone. When it does It forever changes you. […]

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in life, that we can forget to keep the romance alive when we are in a relationship. We forget to desire one another as much as we used to. I personally think there are ways to keep that spark alive, regardless of whats going on. A simple touch, […]

With my 35 years on the planet, I have never heard a heterosexual man say he doesn’t need a woman, but I have heard women say 90% of the time, I don’t need a man…. There’s something truly off about this picture when you think about it. Why is it that men feel they need or […]

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