I came across an article on Facebook that I think would bring great dialogue because it happens more often than people think. Some of us just don’t know about it.

I’m talking about sharing lovers.

I was intrigued by the article, which was about comedic actor, Deray Davis, and his two girlfriends, Coco and Caro, who appears fine with sharing their man with each other. At first, I didn’t believe it to be true, so I did what I do best…research. What I discovered about Deray was in fact, true. There’s even a reality show on the Oxygen network that stars Davis, his women, and other comedians and the women in their lives called ‘Living with Funny’.

Even during Deray’s interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’, he expressed wanting to be real about being with the two women, as opposed to keeping them a secret to avoid drama. He also says in the interview that he would propose to both.

Although polygamy is illegal in the US, you’d be surprised how common it is the many plural relationships that are in this country. They’re not often seen, but they’re out there.

Davis also says that most men have two girlfriends. They just won’t say it.

It leads me to a few questions…

If you discovered your lover had another, would you be willing to “share” him/her?

What is the purpose of being in a plural relationship besides wanting to be with that person?

What cause people to share lovers?

Is there a shortage of men, particularly in the black community?

If so, is it because of violence, incarceration, or homosexuality?

Do not enough women explore their options when it involves men?

Would a plural relationship be accepted if it involves one woman and two men?

Has the dating realm become so tough that folks are limited to sharing lovers, or is temptation that strong of a feeling that one just cannot let someone go?

What makes a person agree to that type of relationship?


Okay, okay…it was more than “a few” questions, but they’re all valid with needed answers.

Personally, being in a plural relationship isn’t my cup of tea, but I always say, before we judge, we must understand that what works for them is what works for them.

What do you think of folks practicing polygamorous type of relationships? Is this something single ppl will have to accept?


Catch Deray on The Breakfast Club here

Lakia Nichole

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