I came across this amazing photo of a mother and daughter on Instagram and they have us all wondering who’s the mom! …until now!

I have the answer, but for the fun of it, Take a wild guess!  If the anticipation to know is driving you crazy, hit the break for the answer!

There is no start and finish to my drive. I am always working on me – physically and mentally. My vision is clear and anything that doesn’t add to my growth is invisible. ____ I am not in a race or in competition with anyone. I am not trying to lose 10 lbs for a trip. I want more than one certification, so on top of school I am working on a specialization cert. I have 3 semesters left of college and will be going into the masters program immediately after that. #21yearsold ____ Whether you love me or hate me it is important to know that I will NEVER stop, because even when you think I’m sleeping.. I’m not. I am always working on ways to be better than I was yesterday. ____ Why am I so motivated? I fear being average. 📸: @krishphotos

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My mommy @kimmypie & I. 🇹🇹 We motivate each other. 👸🏾👸🏾 #motivationmonday #positivevibes 📸: @krishphotos

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