In less than 24 hours after the execution of Alton Sterling, a Minnesota man, Philando Castile is murdered by police…in front of his 4-year-old daughter and girlfriend.


Have we had enough yet?

Are we fed up enough to get things done and make change?

Are you like me, who is tired of seeing names hashtagged with RIPs?

Like Alton, Philando Castile is more than just a hashtag. According to family history and sources, 35-year-old Castile was a sweet, soft-spoken man who loved his job as a school cafeteria supervisor. He was well-known and respected by staff and students, and he was well-loved by family and friends. The day he died seemed like a typical day for him and his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who said in a press conference that he had just got his hair done in preparations for his birthday. They were running errands when they were pulled over for allegedly having a busted tail light. What you see in the video below is the result of that encounter.


My thoughts:
I am truly amazed at the calm Ms.Reynolds showed, while her boyfriend lay next to her, dying from gunshot wounds. To think that she had to take the time to sign into her Facebook account and press live without screaming, cradling Philando, or basically going insane. I truly commend her for containing her emotion enough to do what she needed to do in the midst of sudden tragedy.


I’m tired, frustrated, and worried for my children’s future.

As a mother of a girl and a boy, I fear that my kids will have to grow in a world with people who will judge them for the color of their skin.

Our skin color is a death target for police officers who are scared of us. Ms. Reynolds brought up a good point during her press conference. I guarantee you that half of those who are sworn in to “serve and protect” has grown into adulthood with mental issues and suffering from emotional abuse.

They take their frustrations out on people of color with a bullet.

“It’s a silent war against African-American people as a whole” ~Valerie Castile

I feel in my heart that Alton and Philando’s tragedy is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What now?

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