I’ve given a fuck for most of my life and as a result, it has brought me many regrets about situations that I wish I could go back and change.  Now that I’m older, I know better.

Like me, I know you have gone through a period in your life where giving too many fucks in situations were fucks that did not deserve to be given.

We give a fuck when our bosses don’t appreciate our efforts at work…

We give a fuck when our birthday isn’t treated like a holiday…

We give a fuck about gaining weight and losing weight…

We give a fuck about folks liking us…

We give a fuck about folks NOT liking us…

We give a fuck about what people say and think about us…

We give a fuck about not enough money…

We give a fuck about too much money

We give so many fucks, that we’ve been subconsciously programmed to live life aiming for perfection, assuming that will make life stress-free.

There are also fucks I have not given that has made positive results in my life. It really depends on what we prioritize and what we tolerate.

Here are 8 ways to NOT give a fuck and live a stress-free life


  1. Know that it’s okay not to be perfect

Trying to be free as possible from all flaws, defects, bad decisions, etc, will stress you out until your hair falls out! It’s okay to make mistakes, make a bad decision and acknowledge our flaws, as long as we learn from them. Our flaws make us who we are. The mistakes and bad decision-making now will help us to be wiser and make better choices in the future. 

     2. Say no more often with assertion

When folks are not used to hearing you say no, it’ll be kind of hard to convince them that you mean it when you finally say it. Say NO like you mean it and if you must give them a reason, let it be known without hesitation.

    3. Know and love yourself for who you are

It takes a high level of self-esteem and self-love to accept yourself for who you are. When you accept yourself for who you are, what people think of you will be the least of your concerns. In fact, it’s none of your business what people think of you. You just keep on being fierce!

     4. Eat and drink what you want without guilt

This doesn’t mean eat McDonald’s everyday and devour a bottle of Jack Daniels every night. This simply mean that it’s okay to take a small break from your usual clean eating to go get a pizza with friends. It’s also okay to treat yourself to Coldstone once in a while. 

     5. Be okay with how much time you give your workout routine.

If 10 minutes is all you got for your workout session, 10 minutes of working out is all you need!  If you don’t workout, that’s okay, too!



    6. Blessings occur during different times in our lives.

Just because what you want happened for someone else doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you. Stop giving a fuck about why you’re “not there” and just enjoy the progress to getting there. 

    7.) Develop a lifestyle or hobby that you can be proud of

When developing healthy habits that will add value to your life, you also develop habits that will help you set positive goals. Work on those goals that will help you attain a feel-good lifestyle. 

     8. Accept that some things are uncontrollable

Knowing that we cannot change the things/situations we cannot control is a surefire way to decrease the fucks given in almost any situation. When in doubt, know that you’ve done what you could to the best of your ability to make situations better for you and/or all involved.

Lakia Nichole

Lakia Nichole’s Blog is a platform to showcase love for my people, our culture, and all positive things in-between.