Moving on after a painful breakup can be difficult, but we all know that with time, you’ll feel better enough to accept what’s happened and be at peace. That’s why it’s especially important to take care of your mind, body, and soul between relationships. You’d want to be completely healed and emotionally responsible enough to be in another serious relationship before you start the next one. Some of us make the biggest mistake of doing the opposite and as a result, we end of in many situationships. Here are 8 ways to get your mind right before you meet your next “Boo”!

Don’t be afraid to go through the pain of your breakup~ Cry, throw things, yell, scream, vent, do whatever you can to let all of your emotions go! Nothing makes you feel worse than pretending you’re not badly hurt, only for you to burst from the pressure of trying to hide it.
Work on a personal goal and achieve it~ Accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do somehow makes you feel brand new. Completing a goal also makes you feel good about yourself. The task of completing a goal also keeps your mind off other things, as well. Stay busy and complete a few goals!
Writing is therapy~ As a writer, I can vouch for this one. Writing your thoughts in a journal (manual or online) helps releases the negativity in your mind and in your heart. As days. weeks, or even months go by and you’re still writing, you may notice a significant change in your writing style which symbolizes a woman who is experiencing peace within herself.
Learn from your mistakes~ Don’t beat yourself over the decisions you’ve made i your past. Instead, learn from the mistakes created from those decisions and focus on what you can do differently.
Find out what you really want~Do you want companionship, a friend with benefits, or a committed mate that you can build true love with? These questions to yourself are pertinent to refining your needs and/or desires. These questions can also guide you to the right mate for you.
Get in touch with the person you were before you met your partner~ When we get involved with someone, we somehow lose ourselves in the process. While loving him/her, we tend to forget to love ourselves. Get in touch with who you were before you both met while implementing the lessons you’ve learned as you move forward as a single person.
Have gratitude~ Every loss is a painful reminder of what you could have or should have done differently, but it’s also a beautiful reminder that you can always evolve as a person. Use the losses as a stepping stone to greater things in your life. For every loss, there are tons of blessings around the corner. Be patient.
Show off your inner radiance~You’ll attract the person who can see it; the person who’s meant for you.


Lakia Nichole

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