While this topic applies to both women and men, I feel compelled to share my thoughts with my sisters since it appears we have a harder time getting over a bad break up. A lot of us tend to jump from one relationship to another without giving ourselves time to heal. Hence, the relationship addiction that we suffer from. I’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why we should chill between relationships.

You need to give yourself a sufficient amount of time to heal your heart.

Use the time alone to evaluate where things went wrong in the relationship and evolve from it.

Use the time apart for growth of self.

Make peace with what has happened and accept that you’re single. It’s important to know the level of your strength being single woman. You may surprise yourself and enjoy being single.

Work on a project you’ve considered doing, but didn’t have time because of quality time with “bae”.

Have a girls’ night in. Having a great late night convo with your closest girlfriends could help you clear your head.

Ask yourself if this break up could be a lesson or a blessing.

A break up could really be a blessing, so think long and hard before you go running back to him.

Lakia Nichole

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