Recovering from a failed relationship can sometimes make us go through the biggest suffering we’ve ever experienced. However, that terrible feeling will not last forever. Following these 6 ways to mend our broken hearts will assure us a better outlook on being a newly single person who knows that love will be found again.

Acceptance– The foundation to moving on is accepting the break-up. It’s that inevitable feeling of knowing you’ll going to remain hurt for days to come. Seeing your pain to the end is without question…your greatest accomplishment to getting over your ex. Of course, you’ll have to accept what happened to do so.

Change your thoughts– Part of not healing your heart is reliving what went wrong in your head over and over. We have to learn how to break that cycle and start using our minds to get ourselves back on track. Remember…the ex is most likely moving on in life productively. You should do the same.

End all ties– Get rid of any and everything that reminds you of the person who broke your heart. Delete those songs that remind you of that person off your playlist; rearrange furniture, delete images from your phone, box up the gifts…I think you get the point. The point of these changes is to rid the reminders and anything associated with the relationship you’ve had with this person. The changes you make don’t have to be permanent unless you want them to be.

Use what happened as a lesson– Life is our greatest teacher. Especially when it involves disappointment. Thankfully, our emotional scars can heal with time. They are also reminders that we are human…we make mistakes…but we learn from those mistakes.

Understanding how you feel– It’s hard to pinpoint how we feel when there are so many feelings involved (anger, disappointment, confusion, etc.) However, learning NOT to ignore them is your best bet to knowing what you truly feel and mending your heart from that point on. Ignoring your feelings is like letting the phone ring over and over. That person is going to keep calling until you answer. Much like your feelings, you’ll have to confront them if you want a chance at healing. Tidbit: Writing it out (diary, online journal, etc.) is therepeutic and a great way to express how you feel.

Believe that you will find love again– You think that person is the only person in this entire world you could ever truly love? If you’re convinced that he/she was, then you, my friend, is wrong. We could love so strongly that we somehow convince ourselves that we can never love that way again. We will and someone will enter your life at the right time and prove that.


Lakia Nichole

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