'We need to cause an uproar': Minn. students 'strike' over climate change

Students walk out of class to protest climate change

Students walk out of class to protest climate change

Portland-area students were planning to gather at Portland's City Hall at 1 p.m., while other students are doing local walkouts at their schools.

"There is not sufficient and effective policy to keep the UK's carbon targets below where they need to be", he said.

Una McCoole, 16, of Marblehead was one of hundreds of students rallying in front of the State House Friday afternoon.

He has said: "We must show the importance of this subject.and work towards concrete things that we can put forward, so that students themselves can get involved".

Several speakers also cited the 2018 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which said that the world only had about 12 years to act to prevent warming from exceeding 1.5 degrees Celcius, the goals of the Paris climate agreement.

She spoke at a Stockholm demonstration today, amid protests being held in 100 other Swedish towns. "We only have so much time to fix it, and we have to fix it while we still can, because by the time we're in power we can't fix it". She also thanked Congressman Jared Huffman for sponsoring the Green New Deal.

"If everyone starts small, it will start to make a difference", Gill said.

"I have always felt like I needed to do something", said Anna Siegel, a 7th grader at Friends School of Portland who helped organize the Portland rally.

"And you know who you are, you that have ignored this and are most guilty of this", she said, as protesters cheered her name.

Danny, 14, said: "What's the point in learning if it's not going to do anything because your future is going to be ruined by climate change?". "Large-scale problems require large-scale solutions and that is what our government is for". "If no one wants to fight for me, I'm going to have to fight for myself".

Milo Mateer adresses his fellow students at the Arcata Plaza.

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Jolie Cox, Karoline Bushe and Marley Allen missed school Friday morning to participate in the strike, saying they were probably the only ones attending from Davis High School.

High school students all over the world, including in Utah, will walk out Friday in a protest to call attention to the issue of climate change.

Organizer Stella Saba, a Eureka High sophomore told the Outpost that she thought it was important for her school to take part in today's protest.

In the United States, climate change organizers are planning walkout demonstrations in almost every state in support of the Green New Deal, the resolution pushed by New York Rep.

Azalea Danes, a student at the Bronx High School of Science, wasn't a climate activist until two weeks ago when she read about Thunberg's efforts.

The Victoria protestors also marched on the streets after stopping at the B.C. legislature.

As the students in Morristown chanted, sang and gave speeches, they were occasionally greeted with honks of approval from cars passing by on South Street. In Singapore, where strict laws regulate public assembly, young people planned a virtual campaign on social media.

"You guys should be proud of yourselves".

Washtenaw County teens talk about why they're passionate about climate action and the significance of youth activism. "This is just the beginning of change".

- In Berlin, police said as many as 20,000 protesters gathered in a downtown square before marching through the German capital to Chancellor Angela Merkel's office.

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