US House Speaker Pelosi 'not for' impeaching Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at an Economic Club of Washington luncheon gathering in Washington Friday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at an Economic Club of Washington luncheon gathering in Washington Friday

- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., revealed she's opposed to the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the absence of evidence that is "compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan".

"I think every single colleague of mine agrees there's impeachable offenses. And he's just not worth it", she added.

"There are opinion-makers and opinion-shapers who want to maintain the status quo", Green said in response to a question about Pelosi's impeachment stance.

"I'm not for impeachment", Pelosi told The Washington Post in a wide-ranging interview.

Pelosi was noticeably warmer toward the younger generation of congresswomen during the interview, remembering the full name of the Green New Deal (which she'd previously dismissed as the "green dream, or whatever") and expressing "awe" at "the way they balance family and children and home".

In December 2018, 60% of voters wanted Trump to be impeached or censured but this month a Quinnipiac poll found that 59% of respondents do not want impeachment proceedings to begin now. About 48% of adults in the USA said Trump should be impeached, while 40% opposed it, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll published March 8.

Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak told The Epoch Times that Pelosi "knows that impeachment is not popular with the broader public and would be a political loser for House Democrats".

The speaker's remarks are in opposition to growing calls from the far-left of the party, who have made impeachment one of their main issues.

Sanders also defended Trump's national emergency declaration for the border, saying he has a "constitutional duty" to protect the United States.

White House unveils $4.7T budget with billions for border wall, defense
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "They are extreme to a level that is malicious - a level that is meant to do harm". The $2.7 trillion in proposed spending cuts over the decade is higher than any administration in history, they say.

Pelosi's comments come one week after the House Judiciary Committee, the panel with jurisdiction over impeachment proceedings, issued document requests to more than 80 people affiliated with Trump's administration, campaign and businesses.

Impeachment by the House of Representatives, which Democrats control, can be accomplished by a simple majority.

Sherman said that the multiple Democratic investigations of Trump might be a substitute for impeachment, "it's also possible it will be a prelude". For impeachment to actually remove the President, that requires a two thirds vote in the Senate. Her comments to The Washington Post riled some liberals in the House Democratic caucus. Do Democrats in Congress really think it will be better for them politically not to impeach if they think the case for Trump's guilt is strong?

'Are we talking ethically? This includes, most prominently, Trump's clear complicity in the Russian effort to interfere in the 2016 election.

Some progressives are still pursuing impeachment - but wouldn't criticize Pelosi.

The vice president rarely used the space, but it was a symbolic gesture of the warm relationship Pence enjoyed with Ryan and the House GOP.

"There's only a handful of Republicans that would do anything that is questionable of Trump even if he did the gun to the head of somebody on Fifth Avenue that he's talked about", Cohen told reporters Monday night.

"This is not about the speaker, it wasn't about the speaker before she became speaker and it's not about the speaker now", Green said at a press conference in his office, Politico reported.

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