Cuomo pushing back on resistance to new Amazon campus in NYC

Amazon rethinks plan for New York HQ amid fierce opposition, report says

Amazon rethinks plan for New York HQ amid fierce opposition, report says

Amazon did not directly confirm or deny the story, but released the following statement: "We're focused on engaging with our new neighbors - small business owners, educators and community leaders".

On Friday, the Emanuel administration reached out to Amazon after the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, reported that the company was reconsidering its decision to locate half of its second world headquarters in ny because of political resistance to the state's $2.8 billion incentive package.

Amazon executives responsible for the company's planned move to create a headquarters on the East Coast appear to be rethinking their decision when it comes to the NY location.

Amazon has been derided by some NY politicians, who have been critical of the project and its almost $2 billion in incentives cities agreed to provide in exchange for an estimated 25,000 well-paid jobs.

Amazon did not immediately reply to a request for comment. Spokesman Mike Murphy said it's "unfortunate that the governor is trying to divide the Democratic Party at this crucial and historic time", after the Senate in the past few weeks approved reproductive health rights, gun control measures and protections for transgender New Yorkers and extended the ability of childhood sexual abuse survivors to seek redress in court.

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The Post noted that Amazon's plan to put part of its second headquarters in Virginia, where it will receive up to $750 million in state subsidies, is not being reconsidered.

"The Amazon propaganda of "we're bringing jobs" is pretty thin".

According to the Post, in the past two weeks, the state Senate nominated an outspoken Amazon critic to a board where he could potentially veto the deal. Amazon is already finding this out in its home city of Seattle, and it's running into opposition in NY because numerous people there don't think it fits. "You're not there to play politics, you're there to do what's right for the people of the State of NY and what they did here is wrong".

In Queens, Amazon is moving into an established area that's been going through transition lately; it is also where residents are already feeling the pressure of new jobs, rising rents and forced relocations of some local businesses. After the announcement for HQ2, the so-called Everything Store plastered Queens with flyers about how great it is and why it would be a good addition to the neighborhood (Gianaris sent corresponding flyers telling Amazon to stick to Seattle). Amazon chose the location anyway, since the city offered a large skilled-labor pool, and ample opportunities for spouses and partners of recruited hires to find employment to further their own careers, the person said. But it's not for nothing that Amazon wants to be in NY.

Days later, the State Senate nominated NY senator Michael Gianaris, a vocal opponent of the Amazon deal and a representative for the district where its new headquarters is slated to be, to the Public Authorities Control Board, which ultimately has to approve the Amazon deal in order for it to go forward. In Amazon's case, that means highly-paid tech workers, but for other businesses it could means something else. "It's setting a bad precedent", Carlo Scissura, president and CEO, New York Building Congress, told CNN Business on Friday.

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