Xi: Taiwan part of China, unification 'inevitable'

China's President Xi Jinping attends a welcome ceremony for German President Frank Walter Steinmeier in Beijing

China's President Xi Jinping attends a welcome ceremony for German President Frank Walter Steinmeier in Beijing

Chinese President Xi Jinping, declaring that independence is not an option for Taiwan, urged both sides to reach an early consensus on unification and not leave the issue for future generations.

In his speech, Xi described unification under a "one country, two systems" approach that would "safeguard the interests and well-being of Taiwanese compatriots".

"The country is growing strong, the nation is rejuvenating and unification between the two sides of the strait is the great trend of history", Xi said.

The Chinese President's Wednesday address was a far cry from one he gave in March past year, in which he said "not a single inch of our land" could be ceded from China, adding the country was prepared to "fight the bloody battle against our enemies".

The "Message of Compatriots in Taiwan" on January 1, 1979, declared an end to routine artillery bombardment of Taiwan-controlled islands close to China, marking a turning point from decades of hostility between the two sides.

He also stressed that relations with Taiwan were "part of China's domestic politics" and that "foreign interference is intolerable".

Tsai's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which favors the eventual independence of Taiwan, lost ground in November 2018's regional elections as the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), which favors eventual reunification with China, swept to power in several key municipalities.

Taiwan and China must join hands to facilitate the reinvigoration of the Zhonghua minzu (中華民族, "Chinese ethnic group") and realize the goal of peaceful unification, Xi said, adding that the continued separation of the two sides is a historical trauma suffered by the Zhonghua minzu as a whole, whose revival would help solve the "Taiwan problem".

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It was a notion that Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen immediately rejected Wednesday amid concern that Mr. Xi is directing what Lai I-chung, who chairs the International Cooperation Council of Taiwan think tank, called a "major policy change".

All told, the speech amounted to a more balanced tack at a juncture when Taiwan is gearing up for presidential elections, and mainland officials - and Taiwanese politicians - see an opportunity to press their case. The rival Nationalists set up their own government on the island about 160 kilometers (100 miles) off the Chinese mainland.

The event was to mark 40 years since China proposed ending military confrontation with Taiwan and seeking reunification through dialogue, after establishing diplomatic relations with the United States in 1979.

A day later on Wednesday, Xi appeared to fire back, saying that China had achieved "a great victory" against Taiwan's pro-independence movement.

He pledged that unification would be under a one-country, two-system framework that would respect the Taiwanese social system and way of life and guarantee their property rights, religious beliefs and other rights.

All people in Taiwan must "clearly recognise that Taiwan independence would only bring profound disaster to Taiwan", Xi said.

Tang Yonghong of Xiamen University's Taiwan Research Institute, said Xi's promise of semi-autonomy was a way to pressure Taiwan's leader - whoever that will be - to accept the One-China Principle.

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