Top Trump Senate Ally Urges President to Reopen Shuttered Parts of Government

President Donald Trump told a White House meeting with state and local officials he was not about to declare a national emergency to fund his controversial border wall project

President Donald Trump told a White House meeting with state and local officials he was not about to declare a national emergency to fund his controversial border wall project

But Democrats say they are suspicious of any such deal because Trump agreed to such a trade a year ago, and then walked away from it.

Schumer just can not give in against President Trump's demands for border wall funding.

"I don't want to speak for the president, I don't want to lock him in, but I am confident what I just described with a few other things would be a deal acceptable to the White House and a lot of Democrats", Graham said. "Walls Work!" Trump wrote, attributing the sentiment to John Jones of the Texas Department of Public Safety and tagging Fox News.

On Saturday, the shutdown became the longest recorded in history, surpassing the former 21 day shutdown under former President Bill Clinton, who wrangled with congressional Republicans from December 1995 to January 1996.

The president is expected in the new week to sign legislation passed by Congress to provide back pay for some 800,000 federal workers who aren't being paid during the shutdown. One notable detail is that, while Democrats are unified in their belief that Trump is to blame for the government shutdown (89 percent feel that way), Republicans are a bit more split (65 percent of Republicans blame congressional Democrats but 23 percent also blame Trump).

Graham said Trump told him, he wants to first make a deal, then open up the government. "That's why I'm depressed".

Later on Saturday, in a telephone interview with Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro, the president said if the Democrats "don't come to their senses" he would declare a national emergency to free up money for his wall without congressional approval.

But Senate Republican leaders refused to take up any budget bill that will not be signed by the president, and Trump has said he will not approve any budget that does not include $5.7 billion for a border barrier.

"At some point, this kind of behaviour will switch economic psychology and cause an economic slowdown so I hope these guys get it together shortly".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has dismissed including DACA in a deal to reopen the government. Many Republicans are wary, too, fearing its use by a future Democratic president.

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He urged Trump to "put an end to the shutdown and put everything on the table".

"I think there's misconceptions about what the wall is", Milstead said in Washington Friday.

In an earlier tweet, he said the wall would "bring down the crime rate throughout the entire Country!"

Such a step would allow Trump to bypass Congress and tap various pots of unspent federal money, including for military construction and disaster relief and from asset seized by law enforcement, to pay for the wall.

In his nationally televised address he delivered from the Oval Office on Tuesday, Trump asserted that there is a humanitarian and security crisis at the border because of illegal immigration.

The shutdown on Saturday became the longest United States government closure of the modern era, exceeding the 1995-96 funding lapse.

Johnson also suggested that Congress pass legislation to pay federal employees who are now working without pay.

Of those 42 percent who support the wall, 24 percent say Trump should continue to demand the level of funding he has asked for, and 16 percent say he should strike a deal with the Democrats.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo amplified that message on Sunday (Monday NZT), telling CBS' Face the Nation that the notion that the president is a threat to national security is "absolutely ludicrous".

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