U.S. gives Russian Federation 60 days to comply with nuclear treaty

Putin Russia to respond if U.S. exits INF Treaty

Putin Russia to respond if U.S. exits INF Treaty

The United States delivered Russian Federation a 60-day ultimatum on Tuesday to come clean about what Washington says is a violation of a 1987 Nuclear Arms Control Treaty, saying it would be forced to start a six-month process of withdrawal if nothing changed.

The Trump administration has complained of Moscow's deployment of Novator 9M729 missiles, which Washington says fall under the treaty's ban on missiles that can travel distances of between 500 and 5,500 kilometres.

He warned the world to take heed of Russia's hypersonic missile capabilities as United States president Donald Trump threatens to pull out of the Soviet-era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

The U.S. has said it has no plans to deploy land-based nuclear missiles in Europe once it pulls out of the treaty.

Stoltenberg said the 29 NATO allies will "collectively develop responses" should the treaty be abandoned, but he declined to say what they might be.

The Russian President accused the United States of blaming Russia for committing violations as a pretext for it to leave the treaty in a televised address.

The Kinzhal has an operating range of over 2,000km and can reach speeds of 7,670 miles per hour, making it "invulnerable to the air defense and anti-ballistic missile systems existing today", Russian news agency TASS reported.

"We will answer in a reciprocal way: if the USA leaves the INF Treaty and deploys medium-range and short-range missiles in Europe, Russia will increase the number of such missiles in the European part of its territory", Vladimir Dzhabarov, deputy head of the global affairs committee of Russia's upper house, was cited by Sputnik news agency as saying.

"If the INF treaty is destroyed, we won't leave it without a response", he said in a presentation to foreign military attaches in Moscow, according to a report by The Moscow Times newspaper.

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Pompeo said Washington "would welcome a Russian change of heart" but that he has seen no indication Moscow is likely to comply. But in October, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg stopped short of calling on Washington, the biggest and most influential NATO member, to stay in the treaty.

Earlier Tuesday, foreign ministers from other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries s aid in a statement that they "strongly support the finding of the United States that Russian Federation is in material breach of its obligations" under the arms pact.

Trump had said he wants talks with Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping "to head off an uncontrollable arms race".

"Russia's reply has been consistent: deny any wrongdoing, demand more information, and issue baseless counter-accusations", Pompeo said.

If missiles are deployed in Europe, Russia will be forces to take steps to ensure parity.

"If we do not, we will get cheated by other nations, expose Americans to greater risk, and squander our credibility", Pompeo said.

Russia's upper house Defence and Security Committee Chairman Viktor Bondarev told Sputnik on Tuesday that the United States and Russian Federation must hold talks on the INF Treaty in order to adapt the accord to the current situation.

Top U.S. officials view Russia's non-compliance with the INF Treaty as part of Moscow's broader campaign of malign activity around the globe, including in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria.

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