Transformer explosion creates electric blue skyline in NY

"At first I thought the aliens have arrived on earth but nope it has been confirmed to be a power plant transformer by multiple sources".

The fire lit the sky so brightly that it briefly appeared to be daytime in neighborhoods like Astoria and Woodside, residents reported. As we were watching it, it was like somebody turned off the power and it just went dark and then it was quiet. While she didn't hear an explosion from about a mile away, Scott said the electricity flickered.

However, this did not stop spectators from sharing videos and pictures of the flashing light and speculating on social media.

Many Manhattanites were stunned when the sky over parts of Queens started to glow a bright neon blue shortly after 9pm on Thursday night. The cause of the incident was being investigated, it said. The New York Police Department reiterated as much in a tweet, saying the blue light was the result of a "transformer explosion" and adding that "the fire is under control".

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Say, NYC, wtf was this?

Even LaGuardia Airport grounded flights temporarily. "I ran up to my rooftop and grabbed the video while it lasted for a few minutes".

"I wish the blue sky in NY was aliens and not a power plant on fire", one Twitter user wrote.

A power outage at LaGuardia Airport, which is located in Queens, prompted flight cancellations, the NY affiliate of NBC reported earlier on Thursday.

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