California Police Arrest Illegal Immigrant Cop-Killer Suspect

Slain officer Ronil Singh Full Credit Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department

Slain officer Ronil Singh Full Credit Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department

Gustavo Perez Arriaga was apprehended in Bakersfield, about 280 miles southeast of Newman, the Fresno County and Kern County sheriff's offices confirmed.

"Ronil Singh was my older brother".

He said that Singh's murder won't change the minds of open-borders advocates in California.

The law, passed in October, is seen as a rebuke of President Donald Trump's immigration policies, limits how much California law enforcement can cooperate with federal authorities like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The sheriff leading the investigation into the shooting death of a California police officer took aim at so-called sanctuary laws that limit cooperation with USA immigration authorities.

Singh pulled over the attacker as part of a drunken driving investigation and fired back to try to defend himself, Christianson said.

His brothers Adrian and Conrado Virgen, girlfriend Ana Leyde Cervantes and coworker Erik Quiroz were also arrested for helping him dodge police. We need to know who is in our communities that shouldn't be.

Trump tweeted about the shooting on Thursday, days after the December 22 partial shutdown of the federal government.

The sheriff told reporters that Perez Arriaga was in the country illegally after crossing the border in Arizona and had two prior arrests for driving while intoxicated.

Manhunt intensifies for illegal alien accused of killing Calif. police officer

According to Blue Lives Matter, Facebook has informed multiple users that posts declaring "Arriaga" to be an "illegal immigrant" or "illegal alien" violate the platform's community rules for "hate speech".

"We had them in custody [Thursday] and asked for their cooperation and they lied to us", Christianson said during a news conference Friday afternoon.

He said they were trying to protect Arriaga, who was trying to go to Mexico.

This booking photo provided by the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department shows Gustavo Perez Arriaga. He didn't say when that happened but that he has been in the USA for several years.

A suspect identified from convenience store video before the killing, remains at large and is considered armed and unsafe.

Singh was a native of Fiji and joined the force in July 2011.

"Build the Wall!" he wrote as the partial government shutdown, precipitated by an unwillingness of Republicans and Democrats to compromise on a spending bill to include the president's demand for $5 billion to fund a border wall.

Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson called Singh a patriot.

As he clutched the left side of his chest, the distraught sibling said he'd been waiting for the capture of his brother's killer. This is a man that worked hard for what he believed in.

Overwhelmed border agency conducts medical checks on children after two deaths
But shortly after being detained by US border agents, she developed a high fever and died of shock from sepsis on December 8. He was released on Monday afternoon but returned to the same hospital in the evening with nausea and vomiting.

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