Networks declare Democrats will capture the House of Representatives

Democrats will capture US House of Representatives Fox News projects

Democrats will capture US House of Representatives Fox News projects

The swing in the House came as Democrats overcame gerrymandered districts in a number of states to win seats that in normal election years were out of their reach.

Whether or not the night constitutes a "blue wave" for Democrats is unclear given the mixed results overall and the typical losses for the president's party, but the split Congress will make life more hard for the president. They have also defeated a Republican incumbent in Minnesota.

The BBC's U.S. partner network CBS projects the Democrats will win the 23 seats they need to take over the lower chamber of Congress.

Democrats have picked up at least 23 House seats, putting them on track to reach the 218 needed to seize control from Republicans after eight years.

"Maybe you get a ripple, but I certainly don't think that there's a blue wave", she told reporters, pointing to several early Republican wins.

Critics, including the Democrats, accused Trump of employing racist and xenophobic rhetoric that incited violence, a charge he and many of his fellow Republicans rejected. Steve Russell in a district Trump won by almost 14 points.

The night's news wasn't completely disastrous for Democrats.

The outcome is a significant victory for Democrats after the party was locked out of power in Washington following the 2016 presidential election.

In particular, she mentioned the upset of Sen.

More than half of Florida voters, 51%, approve of the job Trump is doing as President, compared to 48% who do not.

President Trump figured large in Indiana's midterm election, as voters gave the president another ally in Congress by electing political upstart and multimillionaire businessman Republican Mike Braun to the Senate. He's campaigned for dozens of candidates at all levels of government. Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss to Mr. Trump, coupled with the GOP's ability to retain control of Congress that year, also stunned the Democratic faithful.

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Sanders says the president and first lady Melania Trump are looking forward to watching election results Tuesday night with friends and family in the White House residence.

The election results are crucial for the future course of President Donald Trump and Republicans.

History was working against the president in the Senate: 2002 was the only midterm election in the past three decades when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats.

Urbanites voted nearly 2 to 1 in favor of Democrats, and small-town and rural voters cast votes for the Republicans by a smaller margin. "They're not waiting. They're putting this marker down".

Cuomo, in a speech to supporters, said he hopes to "vindicate" the trust New Yorkers have placed in him by electing him to another four-year term.

At a poll site in Atlanta, voters waited in the rain in long lines that stretched around the building.

Pelosi has said she plans to run for House speaker if Democrats flip the House, but she has also said she views herself as "a transitional figure", fueling speculation about who will one day succeed her and whether she could face a challenge in her bid for the top spot in leadership in a new Congress.

Democrats, meanwhile, prioritized a different message in the midterms and heavily emphasized promises to safeguard health care for voters, including protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Trump himself noted the energy as he wrapped up a punishing schedule of rallies around the country that were meant to boost Republican candidates - and his own brand heading towards reelection in 2020.

He said that even though he doesn't trust the process 100%, he feels good about participating in it.

"She forecasts Democratic victories across the country, but with a small overall margin of victory".

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