Incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz declared victor in U.S. Senate race

Hear Me Out Beto O'Rourke Is Going to Win Texas

Hear Me Out Beto O'Rourke Is Going to Win Texas

Triumph attended rallies for both O'Rourke and Cruz, with hilarious results.

The Texas senate race between Democrat Beto O'Rourke and incumbent sea cucumber Ted Cruz is one of the most anticipated face-offs in the midterm elections.

All told, he raised a whopping amount - more than US$70 million.

Before Triumph interviewed Cruz, he spoke to his opponent, O'Rourke. Ted Cruz, said he doesn't understand why anyone would be angry with asylum seekers "doing what any human being would do". Republicans typically have a double-digit advantage over their Democratic counterparts in the deep red state. Though the senator has since become one of Trump's staunchest defenders, the president nonetheless staged a massive rally in Houston just two weeks before Election Day to ensure his conservative base wouldn't abandon Cruz.

With the win, Cruz kept alive his hopes of mounting a second presidential run once Trump leaves the White House. "He's dishonest", O'Rourke said then. O'Rourke has garnered nearly unprecedented support in the red state, and polling in recent months has shown O'Rourke and Cruz virtually neck-and-neck.

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And O'Rourke may still have some wins to place in his column.

"Really interesting to hear you talk about a partisan circus after your six years in the US Senate", O'Rourke shot back, alluding to Cruz's role in leading the Republicans in 2013 to shutting down the government. His statewide campaign galvanized voters in every Texas district, and he may well be credited with pulling a few Democratic representatives to victory.

Meanwhile, a comedy bit put the candidates in the national spotlight yet again. Triumph also pokes fun at Beto's punk rocker past, saying that his music is bad enough to deter anyone from trying to cross the border.

Cruz, however, tried to have a moment with Triumph. "I'm so fucking proud of you guys!" "Just like Trump did to you".

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