Google's New Android Ecosystem Security Report Provides Play Protect Data in Detail

Women can be charged up to £,7,000 for giving birth

Women can be charged up to £,7,000 for giving birth

Google's Android Dev Summit zeroed in on "the cost of a pixel color" yesterday where it revealed how much various colors in apps tax a battery. Another reason is that Android models with AMOLED panels save a lot of battery life when Dark Mode is enabled. Google has acknowledged this, and the fact that its design language that is mainly focused on white is not ideal for preserving or prolonging battery life.

Using an original Pixel phone, Google tested various ways the phone was draining battery life.

While many of Google's apps are heavy on white, some apps like YouTube do feature dark mode and as demonstrated, its use can significantly cut the amount power a display is using.

Google Maps in night mode caused the display's power usage to fall by 63 percent compared with normal mode. Starting back in the Android M beta (later Marshmallow), Google included a dark mode toggle that changed the settings and system UI from white to dark gray. For instance, YouTube users can manually activate Dark Mode by following these steps.

Sarkar Bow Down to AIADMK Pressure, Agree to Cuts
Ever since its release, many AIADMK ministers and party cadres expressed their displeasure over certain scenes in the film. Vijay's 2017 film "Mersal" too had ran into a controversy after BJP objected to some scenes critical of GST among others.

Since the inception of Google's "Material Design" initiative, the company had been pushing for the use of colour white, thus, encouraging designers to use white as their primary colour for all apps and interfaces.

Also now Google has been promoting dark theme to be used in other Android apps too. But it is trying to help save eyes and battery life by offering Dark Modes on many of its apps, and that trend will continue.

Moving on, your Google Maps also has a dark theme. "We've noticed that people across the globe are using it, no matter what type of mobile phone they have or how fast their internet connection is". In particular, newer Android versions-such as Nougat, Oreo, and Pie-are more resilient to privilege escalation attacks that had previously allowed PHAs to gain persistence on devices and protect themselves against removal attempts, ' the company explains on its blog. Well, despite the announcement, there's no exact time given by Google as to when we will see the API working on Android devices.

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