Congresswoman Barbara Lee defeated in pursuit of Democratic caucus chair

Bill Clark  CQ-Roll Call Group

Bill Clark CQ-Roll Call Group

While she needs only a simple majority to be nominated for speaker this week by the Democratic Caucus, Pelosi must win a majority to be formally elected on the House floor January 3, meaning she could afford to lose only 15 Democrats if all lawmakers were present and voting and no Republicans supported her.

Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, has joined eight of his fellow Problem Solvers Caucus members in issuing a set of demands to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: Do your part to ease the partisanship rampant in Congress, or risk losing our votes in your bid for speaker of the House.

The California Democrat will need 218 votes, the majority of the full House, to be elected speaker in January. The members who oppose Pelosi as speaker say she has not done enough to help groom younger members for leadership positions, in turn making it almost impossible for them to rise in the ranks.

Pelosi told reporters she was confident she'd get the votes she needed on the House floor as she exited the meeting. Are there dissenters? Yes.

"I'm proud to be the nominee of the House Democratic caucus once again for speaker of the House", she said.

Typically "voice votes" for leadership positions are expected to yield a unanimous result, but this year, members were asked to circle "yes" or "no" beside Pelosi's name, indicating whether they approved of the nomination, ostensibly sparing Pelosi the embarrassment of a non-unanimous vote.

Democrats will also vote Wednesday in elections for Democratic leadership positions further down the hierarchy.

"These proposals will provide a more accommodating and respectful process that will help us in our mission to return to the principle that ideas matter in the House of Representatives", the pair said in a joint statement.

Pelosi took the first step to reclaiming the speaker's gavel as she secured a majority of votes in the closed-door session.

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But the ultimate verdict will not come until January, when the new Congress must elect a speaker on the House floor.

"Leader Pelosi wants to boil this down to a personal argument, but this is so much bigger than her", Moulton said.

While campaigning for the role, Jeffries made the case for a "generational change" in Democratic party leadership, but he dodged a question Wednesday about the role "ageism" played in the leadership vote.

"As we head toward the 116th Congress and reclaim our Democratic majority", the letter read, "we believe more strongly than ever that the time has come for new leadership ..."

Representative Gerry Connolly said Pelosi's opponents lacked a game plan for vanquishing her.

But two of the critics who met with Pelosi Wednesday said they remained at odds, and that her speakership quest was in peril.

"The candidates who said that they will vote for new leadership are going to uphold that promise", Moulton said in an interview with the Boston Globe days after the midterm elections earlier in November. Votes were still being counted, but she was assured of victory. "Unfortunately, our concerns were dismissed outright", Rice said.

Between now and January, Pelosi will work the levers of power by doling out the many committee seat assignments, subcommittee chairmanships and other perks she is able to offer, or withhold, as incentives to win over supporters.

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