Absolute Classic Warcraft III Is Getting Remade

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

Gamers can expect more classes over time; here's hoping the Bard, Druid, and Amazon return to the game.

While an exact date wasn't shared, Blizzard has confirmed that the vanilla World of Warcraft experience would be going live in summer 2019.

Warcraft III's dedicated community of mapmakers has kept the game thriving since it launched in 2002, and Reforged boasts an improved World Editor highly influenced by an ongoing dialogue with this talented group of creators. And reinforcements are always only a tap away thanks to the native Blizzard Battle.net UI designed specifically for Diablo Immortal, which allows you to chat and form groups easily in the middle of the most frantic battle. Diablo 3 will surely be popular on the Switch so you'll have to get this new amiibo sooner rather than later.

It's no Warcraft 4, but Warcraft 3 sure looks good remastered in 4K.

"Once the demo is live, it will be available to play until approximately 17:00 GMT on November 8".

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HotS has also revealed a new hero with Orphea, the first ever Nexus-born Hero! Blizzard is developing both iOS and Android versions. Plus, a number of people in the BlizzCon audience clearly were into Immortal.

Blizzard showed off the newest expansion for Hearthstone, Rastakhan's Rumble.

For those who preorder, a bundle will offer 50 packs, a card back, and a hero portrait of King Rastakhan. Blizzard says that we will see stories surrounding characters like: Deckard Cain, Malthael, and even the backstory behind the Demon Hunters.

The announcement was made during BlizzCon's opening ceremony in Anaheim, California. Unlike WoW Classic, however, Virtual Ticket holders will not get to tryout the demo of the game online. If you purchase it before the end of the year, all proceeds will be donated to Code.org.

More details about Zeratul and Starcraft are expected to come throughout the rest of the weekend. We feel that they're passionate about the franchise ... and they put their heart into it just as we put our heart into it. When not programming or gaming, you can find him heading to the midwest to cheer on his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers.

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