Pompeo meets with Mexican government as its police attack Honduran migrants

A US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine agent pears out of the open door of a helicopter during a patrol flight near the Texas Mexico border

A US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine agent pears out of the open door of a helicopter during a patrol flight near the Texas Mexico border

Hundreds of migrants had breached the border, trying to force their way across the frontier bridge.

Members of the caravan - numbering about 3,000 migrants - broke through a Guatemalan border fence Friday and rushed onto the bridge over the Suchiate River, the network said.

The map above shows the journey the caravan is taking from Honduras through Guatemala and up through Mexico into the U.S.

"We respect the freedom of movement of immigrants and above all, based on Mexican immigration law, we are receiving people who are choosing to submit to immigration in order to submit an application for refugee or a humanitarian visa, depending on the case", Mr Moreno said.

The migrant caravan is now stopped on a bridge linking the two countries as a police barricade set up by Mexico is blocking them from entering.

"President Trump's been clear about the largest issue we face today". A few then got through to Mexican territory, but most were repelled by police with riot shields and pepper spray. Trump claims there are criminals among the migrants and is urging Mexico "in the strongest terms" to stop them.

"There would be huge economic impacts for both the United States and Mexico ... but limited effect on illegal immigration", said Andrew Selee, president of the Migration Policy Institute.

The re-emergence of immigration as a pressing concern in the US comes in the middle of heated midterm elections, and Mr. Trump has featured the issue in political rallies held around the country on behalf of Republican congressional candidates.

"It's a good contrast", said former Trump campaign aide Barry Bennett, who said the caravan was "perfectly timed" for Trump's midterm pitch.

The border bridge was crowded Friday with people who have made their way through Central America on their way to Mexico, despite U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to deploy the military to stop them entering the United States.

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Some camped on the bridge "are very aggressive and no longer have patience, they are already desperate because the Mexicans did not open the door to us", said Gina Paola Montes, 21, a humanities student from Honduras university.

Mexico's Videgaray said in an interview with the Televisa network that those who want to apply for refuge in Mexico are welcome to do so "if they have a vulnerable situation in their country of origin".

Some women and children made their way toward the front of the caravan Saturday, while men were at the back.

Selvin Flores, a 35-year-old shopkeeper from the Honduran city of Nacaome, says people who "were causing disorder" have been expelled from the group and handed over to Guatemalan police.

It is unclear how many individuals or law enforcement officers have been wounded or hurt by the migrant's rioting.

Like Guatemala and Honduras, Mexico is a country of many migrants, raising the question of whether the political will exists for a confrontation.

Flores has three children and said he sometimes skips meals to ensure that they eat.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has partnered with the United States in the past on immigration-related issues.

"Foreign Secretary Videgaray and I have talked about the importance of stopping this flow before it reaches the USA border".

United States workers must recognize these immigrants as their brothers and allies in the fight against corporate exploitation and imperialist war. And if we go back to Honduras we'll suffer until the day we die.

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