IPhone XS Tests Far Better Than iPhone X in LTE Speeds

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Real-World Speed Test

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Real-World Speed Test

Apple and Qualcomm are at loggerheads over patented LTE technologies.

Intel's new XMM7560 modem is capable of communicating with networks run by all four major United States carriers.

Some respondents joked that if simultaneously charge iPhone Max Xs with the standard charger and use it, it will continue to discharge as if I was not connected to the mains. Last year's iPhone X with Intel's XMM7480 was also part of the test. The signal was attenuated from a strong -85 dBm down to the point of zero performance. The two variants of Note 9- 128GB and 512GB are priced at Rs 67,900 and Rs 84,900, respectively. But as signal gets weaker, the XS Max really competes, showing that it's well tuned. In fact, at signal strengths less than 120dBm, the iPhone XS and XS Max might even prove to be faster than the Android handsets. But it still doesn't quite match the Qualcomm X20 modem used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The iPhone XS has been criticized a little for only providing a marginal upgrade over the iPhone X. There's no killer feature in this year's Apple devices and some people have suggested that the handful of marginal upgrades, like a faster processor and much better camera, aren't worth the upgrade.

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How satisfied are you with the iPhone XS real-world performance? The iPhone XS showed an average of 6.6Mbps faster downloads on all USA carriers compared with the iPhone X. In Canada, that difference is a whopping 20.2Mbps. Speedtest Intelligence shows a 9.9Mbps jump from the iPhone 7 in the United States, and a 31.6Mbps jump in Canada. The reason is simple as the same channel is used by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile.

The first versions of the iPhone XS firmware may, in some places, be causing trouble with signal reception. Do you think there's room for its multitasking performance to improve? In the second round of the speed test, the iPhone XS Max took 43 seconds, while the Galaxy Note 9 fared better at 35 seconds as it managed to keep nearly all the apps in its memory.

In terms of specifications Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the silver body is no different from a smartphone in other colors. Ookla collected the speed comparison data during the week of September 24. The iPhone X is consistently behind the rest, and it drops connection completely before the others.

PCMag said they didn't notice any issues with the hardware during testing. Apple could fix it via an over-the-air update.

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