Zimbabwe soldiers clash with opposition supporters as ruling party wins majority

Zimbabwe election results Could the opposition party win

Zimbabwe election results Could the opposition party win

Police padlocked the main gate.

Several hundred opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters gathered outside the party headquarters in Harare, chanting and shouting that they had won the elections.

The general election follows the ousting of long time Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe in November previous year by the military.

Official results showed that the ruling Zanu-PF party had easily won most seats in the parliamentary ballot - strengthening President Emmerson Mnangagwa's chances of holding onto power in the presidential race.

Mangwana stated the ruling party would need to win 30 more seats to have a two-thirds majority that would allow it to change the constitution, adding the party was happy with the results. Worldwide observers noted the polls were peaceful but diplomats based in Harare said the playing field was not "level".

It suggested there was a deliberate effort to delay announcing the results, reflecting deep suspicion about the panel presiding over the election.

Zimbabwe's much-criticised election authority declared that there had been no rigging of the country's election, after the opposition repeatedly alleged that the vote process was flawed. "We won the popular vote & will defend it!"

Worldwide monitors gave their first assessments of the election, saying it was conducted in a relatively free environment and was a big improvement over past votes marred by violence and irregularities, although they noted significant problems.

The President said the MDC Alliance leadership has to remove its violent supporters from the streets forthwith so that peace returns in the country.

"You can't rig our election.this is a military government", the crowd shouted.

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The website of the election commission, which is expected to start announcing presidential election results on Thursday, was offline after being taken out by unidentified hackers overnight.

It alleges that the governing Zanu-PF party has rigged Monday's elections.

An opposition supporter hold his hands up after being sprayed with a water canon and in clouds of teargas on a street in Harare.

A Harare-based political analyst with Zimbabwe Democracy Institute, Pedzisai Ruhanya, said the results released so far could be a reflection of the will of the people but were not ideal.

Zimbabweans desperately hope the peaceful vote, which took place Monday, will lift them out of economic and political stagnation after decades of Mugabe's rule, but the country is haunted by a history of electoral violence and manipulation that means trust is scarce. Its population of 13 million is struggling amid shortages of foreign currency, unemployment above 80 percent and lack of foreign investment.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe called for calm on Wednesday as opposition supporters clashed with police in central Harare ahead of the announcement of this week's presidential election results.

Chamisa's MDC won in most urban centres, where it enjoys majority support.

The most important thing for us now is to move beyond yesterday's tragic events, and to move forward, together.I am therefore calling for an independent investigation into what occurred in Harare yesterday.

What are the parties saying?

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