Trump keeps focus on economic success at Tampa rally

Congats to Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis on the creepiest ad of the year

Congats to Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis on the creepiest ad of the year

The Democratic Governors Association responded to Desantis' creepy ad this afternoon with the following statement: "Ron DeSantis' latest television ad confirms the Republican primary will be exclusively determined by who has the fiercest commitment to President Trump".

"I want to thank our farmers".

"But we're going to get it", he said.

The idea is that President Donald Trump will do his best to throw his support behind Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), who is running for states GOP gubernatorial nomination over his rival Adam Putnam in the primaries coming up on August 28.

"He's a balance - if nothing else, can we just have balance?" A Florida Atlantic University poll released last week showed Trump at 80 percent approval among Republicans.

Putnam attempted to tap into the president's technical training agenda, even though he wasn't part of Trump's agenda. "'It's OK. We can take it.' These are incredible people".

During a rally in Tampa, Florida, Trump said that if "you want to buy anything, you need ID and you need your picture", but this isn't true for buying standard groceries.

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After he got a tepid response from congressional Republican leaders to his suggestion that he would shut down the government over the issue, the president made only a subtle reference to the threat Tuesday evening in Tampa.

US President Donald Trump has wrongly claimed shoppers need to show photo identification to buy groceries.

The president also discussed global issues, such as Iran and Palestine.

"Right now, it gives an edge to DeSantis, but there are still a few weeks for Putnam to try to come from behind", said political analyst Susan Macmanus, "But he's running defense".

In a TV ad touting Trump's endorsement that is narrated by his wife, DeSantis helps his toddler daughter "build the wall" and reads Trump's "The Art of the Deal" to his infant son. You have seen what happens. Luther Strange past year.

With sky-high approval ratings among Republican voters, the president has injected himself into several recent GOP primaries, helping candidates in Georgia, Alabama and SC with endorsements that have helped set the stage for the fall elections.

You can expect more visits in the future, according to Jim Waurishuk, the Hillsborough County GOP chairman. The real estate mogul and part-time Florida resident was a frequent visitor to Tampa Bay during the 2016 presidential campaign. But Trump nonetheless also briefly praised Scott, and criticized Nelson as an out-of-touch politician, saying he sees him in Florida only "five months before every election".

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