PM Modi speaks to Imran Khan, shares his vision of peace

Elections agency says Imran Khan won Pakistan's election, but needs a coalition

Elections agency says Imran Khan won Pakistan's election, but needs a coalition

"We will run a movement for holding of elections again".

No date has yet been set for protests announced over the weekend by parties including the PML-N.

"I fully agree with it".

Khan's party also appears to have succeeded in wresting control of the local assembly in Pakistan's biggest province, Punjab, from the Sharifs.

"Perhaps D-Chowk area may be the right place to do it", he said, referring to Islamabad's famous D-Chowk where the party had staged its 126-day sit-in in 2014 against alleged rigging in the 2013 general elections.

A group of political parties in Pakistan have rejected the results of Wednesday's general election and are calling for a fresh poll.

The country was under direct military rule for more than half its 71-year existence, and the army still retains huge power and influence.

Results were still being tallied Thursday, hours after Khan's supporters took to the streets to celebrate winning an election that opponents have said the powerful military rigged in his favour.

Raab: UK should not cower in fear of Brexit talks breakdown
On Sunday sugar maker Tate & Lyle, which backed Brexit, said the Prime Minister's white paper was confusing. Brexit talks will continue in Brussels as efforts continue to find a UK-EU deal.

"Many of our interlocutors acknowledged a systematic effort to undermine the former ruling party through cases of corruption, contempt of court and terrorist charges against its leaders and candidates", chief European Union observer Michael Gahler told a news conference.

"Unfortunately we couldn't vote online as they didn't activate it and we also couldn't travel back home to participate but our hearts and wishes are with our nation and the country", Mr Farhad said.

The PTI has emerged as the single largest party in National Assembly after the July 25 elections, but it's still short of numbers to form the government.

The ruling Pakistan Muslim League (PML) came in second with 64 seats and the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) won 43.

Some analysts and commentators have said Pakistan's democracy has been weakened by meddling by the armed forces. "The people of Afghanistan need peace, and Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan". "In all this hue and cry, we didn't notice there is another Pakistan there that wanted this change", she told AFP.

Imran Khan is trying to form a coalition government that would put his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party in charge.

According to Dawn, the Tehreek-e-Insaf's government of Imran Khan will immediately have to approach the IMF for what would be the country's 13th bailout from the fund.

I, particularly paid attention to his foreign policy, mainly involving India, and felt relieved when he completely eschewed warmongering and positively talked about improving ties, opening doors for communication and trade.

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