No charges in fatal handicapped parking shooting under Stand Your Ground law

Florida parking lot dispute turns deadly shooter not arrested

Florida parking lot dispute turns deadly shooter not arrested

On Thursday shortly after 3 p.m., Michael Drejka, 47, got into a shouting match with a woman named Britany Jacobs who sat inside a auto parked at a handicapped spot outside of a small food store in Clearwater, Florida, a city less than 30 miles from Tampa, Gualtieri said.

Jacobs parked in a handicap spot, which she said was because the parking lot was crowded (although the surveillance video shows some nearby open parking spots).

A fellow store patron shot and killed the man Thursday afternoon after a physical altercation erupted when the victim's girlfriend parked in a disabled spot, deputies said witnesses told them.

Immediately after going down, Drejka shot McGlockton in the chest.

McGlockton, 28, died a short time later, leaving his family to bury him and the rest of Pinellas County to grapple with the legality of his killer's actions.

Inside the store, a witness told the store clerk there was an argument outside. "He just wanted someone to fight him. And, if he feels like he can overcome that heavy burden at a Stand Your Ground hearing of proving by clear and convincing evidence that Drejka was not entitled to use force in this circumstance, then that's the state attorney's determination to make".

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"He's getting out like he's a police officer or something, and he's approaching me", Jacobs told the Tampa Bay Times, describing the fatal incident with Drejka. The father ran back into the store where he collapsed and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. "My dude steps back 'cause my dude is fearing for his life ― all of us were".

Still, the Gualtieri told reporters, the legal question is not about whether Drejka was right in being the self-appointed protector of the handicap spot.

Jacobs said the decision not to arrest Drejka in her deceased boyfriend's death "hurts so bad".

In a news conference addressing the incident, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri spoke about the "Stand Your Ground" law. "No matter how you slice it or dice it that was a violent push to the ground".

Detectives said Drejka was cooperative with investigators and has a valid concealed weapons license with the state.

A sign posted outside Drejka's home Friday said "No Comment" in bold letters, according to WFTS. "It's messed up. Markeis is a good man ..." "I just want justice". Jacobs said before breaking down into tears.

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