Reporter, Sanders spar over plight of immigrant children separated from parents

GOP Drafts Bill Overturning Policy of Separating Families at Border

GOP Drafts Bill Overturning Policy of Separating Families at Border

The interviewer had specifically asked whether Trump supported a conservative bill written by Representative Bob Goodlatte, Republican of Virginia, or "something more moderate", and asked whether he'd sign "either one".

"I've visited the family prisons, and they're outrageous", said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration.

The weird twist is that the GOP leaders' legislation perfectly matches Mr. Trump's "four pillar" principles, granting legal status to perhaps 2 million illegal immigrants, funding his border wall, ending the visa lottery and curtailing the chain of family migration. "I have to have that".

Ted Cruz of Texas introduced legislation that the White House said it was reviewing, and Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, a leader of the conservative Freedom Caucus, also introduced a measure.

Mr Shah said that, in the interview, Mr Trump had been voicing opposition not to either of those Bills, but to a "discharge petition", a rarely used procedural manoeuvre House Republicans had threatened to employ that would have forced debate on four immigration Bills, including a popular bipartisan one that is opposed by Mr Trump, Mr Ryan and House conservatives.

The hard-line bill by Goodlatte creates more repression. "He would 100 percent sign either Goodlatte or the other bill".

The editorial board criticized "Team Trump" for their decision to prosecute illegal border-crossers "rather than simply deporting them".

The administration is hoping to force Democrats to vote for the bills or bear some of the political cost in November's midterm elections. The law says local officials in California aren't allowed to transfer immigrants in their custody to Immigration and Customs Enforcement unless the immigrant in question has a record of committing certain crimes (or ICE has a judicial warrant).

Late in the afternoon, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah issued a statement saying that Trump "fully supports" both bills.

Democrats, like many Republicans, abhor the family separations.

To many conservatives, the compromise immigration proposal released this past week by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is little more than "amnesty".

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Earlier in the day, Ryan told a largely Latino audience that he remains committed to removing the threat of deportation now faced by young undocumented immigrants but stopped short of assuring that the House would pass legislation doing so. The current policy stems from the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" toward people crossing the border illegally.

Ahead of his meeting on Tuesday evening, Trump went back and forth about whether he would support one of the bills set to come to the floor this week, even though his own White House helped negotiate that very measure.

The House may take up an immigration bill next week although nothing is on the schedule yet.

The controversial policy enacted by the White House had been meant to be a deterrent by persuading those who were considering trying to cross the border - even if they were seeking asylum in the fleeing violence in their home country - not to do so.

The Trump administration insists the family separations are required under the law. Among them, family-related visas for the married children or adult siblings of USA citizens as well as the 55,000 visas now available under the diversity lottery system for immigrants from other represented countries, including many in Africa.

"Overall, the bill would be awful for the children brought across the border by their parents - they could and would still be separated from the parents, they would have less protections than under current law, and they would be subjected to prolonged detention", said Kate Voigt, associate director of government relations at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, which opposes the bill.

It's unknown whether either can garner enough votes to pass in the House.

Conservatives, meanwhile, said the President was rightly demanding more aggressive measures.

The result has been a haphazard series of targeted legislative proposals from different factions of the GOP that address pieces of the problem, instead of a broader immigration overhaul effort.

"For this administration to pose as people of faith, and pose as people who care about family and children, is a height of hypocrisy that knows no bounds", Pelosi said.

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