Why the Federal Bureau of Investigation wants you to reset your internet router

FBI urges people to reboot routers to thwart hackers

FBI urges people to reboot routers to thwart hackers

While it might sound like a bad Facebook post, it's true: The FBI wants you to reset (power cycle) your home or small office router.

Hundreds of thousands have been infected with malware in the latest cyber threat.

The country also blamed Russian Federation for last June's NotPetya attacks that mostly affected Ukraine organizations but also spread within multinational corporations with offices in Ukraine.

The FBI and Homeland Security are urging the owners of any small office or home office routers to reboot the devices to protect against a Russian malware attack. Officials say by turning it off and back on, it resets in a way that allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation to identify the exact devices that have been infected.

Users with infected routers can remove the unsafe Stage 2 and Stage 3 components of VPNFilter by rebooting the device.

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The FBI said it would gather the IP addresses of infected devices, and pass those to the Shadowserver Foundation to disseminate among ISPs and non-US CERTs.

To disrupt the Sofacy network, the Justice Department sought and received permission to seize the web domain toknowall.com, which it said was a critical part of the malware's "command-and-control infrastructure". The FBI also recommends you upgrade your firmware, change your network password, and disable any remote-management systems to decrease the chances of the malware infiltrating your system.

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"Most of the devices targeted are known to use default credentials and/or have known exploits, particularly for older versions".

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