USA promises N Korea future 'brimming with prosperity' if it denuclearises

Trump Greets 3 Americans Freed by North Korea

Trump Greets 3 Americans Freed by North Korea

Recently, North Korea has made a decision to return three American citizens of Korean origin earlier convicted for espionage and hostile actions to the United States.

President Donald Trump says he will meet with North Korea's Kim Jong in Singapore on June 12.

"While the freedom of three American prisoners is a fantastic start, let's acknowledge that Kim has not yet ushered in freedom for all". Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made clear the USA team won't accede to a phased lifting of the global sanctions that they believe forced Kim to the table.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong replied: "The meeting between US President @realDonaldTrump & North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is a significant step on the path to peace".

The US would be "prepared to work with North Korea to achieve prosperity on the par with our South Korean friends", he told reporters on Friday.

Despite a middle-of-the-night landing Thursday at the Washington-area Joint Base Andrews, Trump and his wife plan to celebrate in person when the freed men arrive.

In his tweet on Thursday night, Mr Trump wrote: "The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th".

And Pompeo said the United States would remain on board to help develop the North's economy, which has been devastated by its own mismanagement and crippling global sanctions.

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Kim Jong Un is a lot like Trump because he's bold and engaging in personal diplomacy.

President Trump announced Pompeo's trip to the hermit kingdom on Tuesday, saying he was going there to prepare for the upcoming meeting between the president and Kim.

"We had good conversations, substantive conversations that involved deep complex challenges", Pompeo said about his two meetings with the North Korean leader who is known for assassinating rivals and family members, and running prison camps throughout his country. It is imperative to draw up a road map for denuclearization and continue applying pressure on North Korea until the country actually implements it. Trump must not rush simply in pursuit of success.

Trump is providing details for the first time about the history-making meeting between a sitting American president and the leader of North Korea over denuclearization. A White House spokeswoman said they would be taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in nearby Maryland for further medical evaluation.

The following month, Trump threatens "fire and fury" if Pyongyang continues to threaten America, kicking off months of saber-rattling that set the world on edge.

Many traits originating before the 1950s remained shared, but while much of the art and music in South Korea over the last 65 or so years would be considered global in nature, North Korea embraced a self-sufficient philosophy and produced most of its own.

U.S. officials had looked at several sites other than Singapore for the historic meeting but each was seen as problematic.

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