The government 'is failing a generation' with school mental health reforms

Mental Health Week launched in North Battleford

Mental Health Week launched in North Battleford

In particular, it is "not clear" whether school staff have the capacity to deliver the mental health leads policy, and there is a danger that the advent of mental health support teams will prompt schools to "further cut their current provision of mental health support", assuming the new teams will be there instead.

Our government recognizes that supporting people's mental health is just as important as supporting their physical health, at every stage of life.

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness, that's why May is a month to educate and bring awareness to the issue.

A report by the Education and Health and Social Care select committees said that the strategy could leave the most disadvantaged children without care.

A one-stop shop for youth services in North Vancouver is reminding people that this week's an especially good one to spread the message regarding the importance of mental health.

We recommend that the Government target funding for mental health support into areas of social disadvantage and inequality. This means that schools are finding it very hard to get children the support they need'.

Dr. Sarah Davidon, research director at Mental Health Colorado and faculty member at the University of Colorado School of Medicine speaks at Monday's Mental Health Matters conference at Northern Michigan University, which was organized by the Upper Peninsula Children's Coalition.

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"(Social emotional learning) is kind of like the preventative measure", Kazee said, "If we can work with kids to help them to identify their feelings and learn how to cope with those feelings, then sometimes that can prevent those different experiences from becoming more of a mental health risk".

It follows a warning from school leaders' union NAHT last week that more than 90 per cent of teachers are unable to access specialist mental health support for their pupils. The Government's plans will fail a generation.

Two children are diagnosed with serious medical conditions - one child is diagnosed and has a plan for health-based school services put into place almost immediately, while it takes nearly two years for the other child to receive the health services and supports in school that they need.

She said: "A government that's complacent about child poverty and relaxed about excessive testing in schools can't claim to care about young people's mental health". "We want to see more evidence that government will join up services in a way which places children and young people at their heart and that improves services to all children rather than a minority". Adverse childhood experiences such as poor attachment or through parental alcohol and drug abuse or domestic violence can have a awful bearing on future well-being and a preventative approach in the early years must be a core part of the Government's strategy.

"We completely reject any suggestion that our plans lack ambition - these changes will transform mental health services for children and young people, including the first-ever waiting time standards for those with the most serious problems".

"We are also concerned by the Government's lack of urgency for improving access to mental health support for children, with even these improvements limited to pockets of the country".

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