Father of child in 'Spiderman' rescue was playing Pokemon Go



President Emmanuel Macron met with 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama on Monday to thank him personally after videos capturing the spectacular rescue went viral on social media over the weekend.

The family of the young boy saved by "Spiderman" Mamoudou Gassama in a daring rescue that won him global acclaim and a promise of French citizenship has thanked the Malian youth for his quick thinking.

In the video included here, he can clearly be seen, scaling the balconies of the apartment building until he gets to the fourth floor and lifts the child to safety.

The footage was recorded last Saturday and the authorities assured Gassama for assistance in settling in the country, however, after meeting Macron, Gassama was made a naturalised citizen straight away.

The French president said Gassama, who was in France illegally, will be granted citizenship and offered a new job with the Paris fire brigade.

Mr Gassama said he had been walking past when he saw a crowd gathered in front of the building.

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Macron, who had been criticised by left-wing voters for taking a tougher stance on immigration since his election, may also have sought to send a message to Socialist voters by signalling a more welcoming attitude to a deserving migrant.

The father of the toddler has been questioned by police on suspicion of leaving his child unattended, according to Parisian judicial sources. "I climbed up like that and, thank God, I saved the child", he said. "I didn't think of anything, I ran across the road directly to save him", he told The Guardian.

God "helped me", too, he said.

A Malian man is being hailed as a hero for saving a child in Paris from the balcony of a fourth story apartment. The father of the child was taken into custody, while the mother was not in Paris at the time of the incident.

The father is being investigated for abandoning his parental responsibilities, according to a spokesman for the Paris prosecutor. The forced closure of the encampments is the subject of a heated debate between the Paris mayor, who wants to ensure the uprooted will be sheltered, and Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, who was present Monday at the Elysee. I also invited him to submit a naturalization request because France is built on desire and Mr Gassama's commitment clearly showed that he has that desire!

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