Amazon Go stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Cashier-less store coming to Illinois

Cashier-less store coming to Illinois

An Amazon spokesman later confirmed to Seattle Times that the company plans to open Amazon Go stores in both locations, but did not specify when exactly.

There were hints that Amazon Go locations were heading to San Francisco and Chicago, according to the news report.

Talking about Amazon Go, it's a revolutionary store that holds nearly everything.

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However, as per sources, Amazon is now hiring for managers for similar stores in San Francisco and Chicago. In San Francisco, an Amazon Go store could be placed near Union Square, although the exact location is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks due to necessary building permits. The company had already identified potential locations in Los Angeles and Seattle.

Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, it is possible that Amazon may eventually consider creating small sections of stores to enable the "just walk out" shopping experience of an Amazon Go store. When they arrive, they use the app to enter the store, "then feel free to put your phone away - you don't need it to shop".

The actual Amazon Go store is extremely tech-heavy, was expensive to build and can only sell a narrow range of specially-selected items - nowhere near the 50,000 or so items a typical supermarket stocks. Amazon's technology, including overhead cameras, keeps track of what they buy and charges customers after they leave. Each store will also have staff members who will be there to make sure the shelves are restocked and assist new customers who are hesitant about how it all works. It bought grocer Whole Foods previous year for $13.7billion, which gave it 470 stores, and has opened more than a dozen bookstores.

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